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Eyebrow Microblading FAQ

The beauty industry has trends that come and go. While eyebrow microblading seems like it could be one of those flash in the pan trends, the storied history and undeniable ‘I just woke up like this’ results behind the cosmetic technique would say otherwise.

As a trusted, touring microblading academy we are often asked questions about this semi-permanent tattoo technique. We decided to answer all of the most commonly asked questions that your curious mind could come up with.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Beautifully full, perfectly arched, on-trend eyebrows that are natural? They’re pretty much a unicorn, you just don’t come by them honestly. That being said, the microblading technique is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing that gives the appearance of effortless, healthy, and natural looking brows. Using a hand-tool and the hairstroke method, eyebrow microblading uses pigments in the skin to replicate the look of natural hairs, giving your brows a full and on-trend appearance.

Where Did Microblading Come From?

While it is hotly contested whether eyebrow microblading originated in Northern China or Japan, there is strong evidence that points to the technique being formulated in Asia. At very least, Asia is where microblading first rose to prominence as a viable and in-demand practice around twenty-five years ago. Shortly after the technique took over Asia, it swept Middle Eastern countries, followed by Europe and more recently becoming big in North America, where it is becoming one of the most in demand beauty practices.

How Long Does it Take/How Long Will it Last?

We often get a variation of this question. Your first appointment will be approximately two hours or a little longer. The timeline can go a little longer depending on how long it takes to approve the eyebrow shape. Eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent, it will last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your skin type and if you go for your touch-up appointments.

Do I have to be an Esthetician to Learn How to Microblade?

Absolutely not! A lot of our students are already involved in the cosmetic/beauty/tattooing industries because learning how to microblade is a natural fit. However, our foundations of eyebrow microblading course was created for people with little to no knowledge or skill when it comes to this technique.

What is the Potential Revenue as a Microblade Artist?

Exciting, gratifying, fulfilling… careers in the beauty industry have been described as many things, but rewarding is the best descriptor. Not only is it rewarding on a personal level, but this fast growing industry definitely has the potential to be lucrative. On average, after an artist learns how to microblade and gets some decent experience under their belt, the standard rate for this eyebrow technique is from $400-$550 per session. If you only do 3 sessions a week you are making $60,000 and above on a yearly basis.

Our passion is empowering others and our obsession is beauty. By training other strong and independent women in the art of the eyebrow microblading, we are able to exercise both our passion and our obsession at once. Stop dreaming and start living your dream! Check out our microblading courses and sign up for a class near you today.

Microblading Course

Microblading Courses

It is rare that you find someone with naturally perfect eyebrows. Women spend countless hours at the mirror, practicing and filling in their brows to create that perfect arch. They miss out on sleep and happily spend their hard earned money on products that will make the job easier or look even a tiny bit better.

It is no surprise that eyebrow microblading is a booming part of the beauty industry with demand growing every day. Since this method burst onto the North American scene, people have been flocking to this semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. Become an eyebrow artist by taking our foundations of microblading courses and get your foot in the door of this exciting field.

Live the Dream

People dream about becoming their own boss all the time, making your own hours, scheduling your own vacations and wearing whatever you want. Take the first step and learn how to microblade from one of our certified educators. Become a boss babe and create the most beautiful brows the world has ever seen.

Our Microblading Courses

The team behind Mila Madden has over 25 years of experience in the industry, having trained and worked around the world – from Australia and Dubai to Canada and the United States. Our unique foundations of microblading course curriculum is an intensive three day program that was designed to give participants the tools they need to launch their career in this in-demand industry.

Over the three days of training participants in our foundations of microblading course will learn the incredibly important groundwork to get started in a new career. In the first day, participants can expect to discover all they need to know about safe sterilization practices, necessary documentation and the important theories behind the eyebrow microblading process.

We don’t let up on day two, where our students are expected to put theories into action. You will learn about the pigments and how they work, how to hold the tool, various techniques, patient comfort and get hands-on practice with synthetic skins.

The third and final day is reserved for microblading on live models, building your confidence in your craft and gaining real world experience.
Once Mila Madden graduates get multiple successful clients completed and they want to enhance their skills, we have masterclasses available to continue your eyebrow education.

The Kit

All of the participants in our microblading courses will receive a kit at the start with everything they need to get started in this exciting industry. Each of the products chosen for these start-up packages are sourced by the expert Mila Madden team who searched worldwide for these quality and student friendly items. These training kits will help ensure that each of our participants can start their career off on the right foot with the best industry preferred products.


At Mila Madden, our passion is empowering others, but our obsession is beauty. We are always happy to welcome our students into the world of professional microblading artists. We are highly qualified boss babes that are always looking to help other powerful women unlock their potential and beautify the world, one gorgeous set of eyebrows at a time.