Microblading Training

Why Should You Learn to Microblade With Mila Madden?

Eyebrow microblading is the beauty trend taking the world by storm. It is not a new technique, as it has been incredibly popular throughout Asia and Middle Eastern countries for decades, it has only recently started becoming more and more popular in North America over the past few years. The popularity of this technique has also seen an increase in people looking at training for microblading to learn to create perfect eyebrows.

This is an art form that has captured the fascination of women from all walks of life. Celebrities, fashionistas, and time conscious people have been flocking to eyebrow microblading because it is not a permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. With this eyebrow art form you can wake up with perfectly coiffed brows without putting in the time and energy every day; as the semi-permanent technique only lasts 18 months to two years, you don’t have to commit to one eyebrow shape for the rest of your life.
Training for Microblading

Turn Your Passion into Your Career

The beauty industry is full of passionate people who are making a living doing what they love. When you learn to microblade, you can take your passion for the perfect arch and turn it into a financially profitable and personally rewarding career. The microblading technique has such incredible benefits that there are more people than ever looking for a professional to create the perfect arches for their face shape. By becoming a certified microblading artist you will quickly attract a solid client base.

Hands-on Training

By completing our foundations eyebrow microblading course or our more advanced masterclass, you are taught by professional artists and educators with a high-quality education and decades of experience behind them. Our instructors were chosen for their ability to make the course material come to life. You won’t just learn the theories behind the art form, our educators will guide you through the techniques on synthetic skin.
On the final day of the foundations and masterclass, our students perform their own appointment on a live model from start to finish. By completing an appointment in class, the instructors are there to guide the process while also giving our students the confidence they need to succeed in the industry.

The Kit

When you enroll in Mila Madden training for microblading you will receive a training kit that includes everything you need to successfully complete the program, with enough high-quality industry products to get your eyebrow career started off on the right foot. Our foundations training kit includes everything from the golden ratio calipers to the hand tool, disposable blades, pigments and other goodies, making the kit worth over $500. Our masterclass training kit features the cosmetic tattoo gun, permanent makeup needles, correction modifier pigments, and much more – the masterclass kit is valued at over $1000.

Live Your Passion

The old saying goes, love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life. Translate your passion for perfect eyebrows into a fulfilling career with our training for microblading! Check out our class page to find out when we will be in city near you!