Training for Microblading

Training for Microblading: Three Reasons to use High Quality Products

You may not realize it, but eyebrows are one of the first things people notice when they see someone for the first time. More than any other facial feature, a set of lush, full brows can make a person look fresh, young, and put together – that’s why women spend so much time creating the perfect arch in the morning. Microblading helps women achieve this striking look without wasting so much time in the morning, which has made this eyebrow art and training for microblading one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty industry.

During our foundations eyebrow microblading courses, the first thing our experienced educators do is train our amazing students on the essentials – the tools and products that are going to help them create the best brows where ever they practice the eyebrow art. Our microblading school is founded on giving our students a quality education and that begins with top of the line industry supplies.


Microblading is not your average beauty routine, it is a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement. Your clients are going to be paying you handsomely to deliver a set of beautiful, full, natural-looking brows that will last anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Your clients are going to choose you because of your previous training for microblading, your current portfolio of work, and word of mouth from other happy clients.

Training for Microblading

Seventy per cent of the end product is going to be because of skills learned from quality training at a reputable microblading school, the other thirty per cent is going to come from the kinds of products you use. There is plenty of room for error with eyebrow microblading, when you work with high-quality industry-approved products from a trusted supplier that margin of error will go down, you can rest easy knowing that you have the strength of your tools behind you.


When you know the source of your supplies, you can assure your clients that their eyebrows are being created with the highest quality pigments and tools. You may not want to guarantee your work and you could open yourself up to a lot of liability issues if you knowingly work with inferior products. At any Mila Madden training for microblading classes, we supply our classes with training kits full of the best products that have a long history of success and were created by industry professionals.


You don’t want to be cutting corners at all when you are creating beautiful brows for your clients. When it comes to microblading supplies the old saying is true, you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t want someone using inferior products on you or your loved ones, so why would you use them on your clients? If the higher cost of quality supplies is making you think twice, don’t worry about it. Factor the cost increase into your fee! If current or potential clients question the increased price, explain that you are using the best tools on the market, you would be surprised at how favourably your customers will respond.

Overall, your clients are trusting you with their hard earned money and their eyebrows. As long as you are able to trust in your training for microblading, trust in your products, and trust in yourself, you will always be able to create the best eyebrows!