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All women want to wake up with perfect brows. They want to be able to throw out their pencils and brushes and make the perfect cup of coffee in the morning instead of spending 20 minutes filling out their eyebrows. Perfect brows don’t happen by chance or accident – they happen by appointment with an eyebrow artist. Eyebrow microblading is one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty industry, if you have ever thought about taking classes for microblading now is the time.

Eyebrow Microblading Classes

It doesn’t matter whether you looking to switch careers entirely or you are an esthetician looking to add to your skills and expand your clientele – our Foundations courses are open to anyone wanting to learn this unique craft and build a strong base.

Our foundations eyebrow Microblading classes aim to give you all the tools you need to be confident and successful in your new field and hit the ground running creating beautiful brows. We help you develop a strong base through theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and training on a live model. Our course is designed to not only give you the information you need but is delivered in a way that reinforces your skills and builds your confidence.

Our Microblading Masterclass delves deeper into the artistry behind eyebrows. We will spend our class time focusing exclusively on the cosmetic permanent makeup machine to create perfectly shaded eyebrows. Master the feathering and nano needle technique, ombre shading, as well as correcting improper or uneven eyebrow shapes is the basis of this advanced course. The Masterclass are advanced eyebrow microblading classes, which means that it is only recommended for people that already have already taken professional training and at least six months experience in the microblading industry.

Excellent Educators

An excellent eyebrow education starts with a truly stellar teacher. Our instructors have over 25 years in the brow industry. Our educators are chosen not just because of their varied backgrounds and expertise, but also because of their inate ability to make all three days of learning a fun and engaging experience.

Mila Madden instructors are strong and passionate women with a strong desire to empower other women with classes for microblading – the best brows begin training begins with the best educators.

The Training Kit

What is a great eyebrow artist without great tools? Our signature Mila Madden training kits are hand made with love – and high quality industry pigments and products. With our training kits we ensure that our students can rock both our classes and have everything they need to start their career off on the right foot. Each training kit is a five-hundred dollar value and it is included in the cost of the course. Our eyebrow microblading academy has classes in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. You can head over to our course pages to get all the information on which classes are coming your way and share in our eyebrow obsession!

Do what you love & love what you do!

At Mila Madden, we are dedicated to providing aspiring industry artists, academies and future beauty professionals with the best eyebrow microblading and eyelash extension training and products in the industry.