When you wake up in the morning do you hit snooze five times before you have to drag yourself out of bed to get to a job you don’t care about? Ever imagine a future where you make your own hours and more importantly, love what you do?

When you learn how to microblade you are opening yourself up to a world where you are living your passion and loving your life. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in the fun and exciting cosmetic industry, becoming an eyebrow microblading artist could be your calling.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

When you see someone with perfectly filled brows that are a smooth and even tone that matches their natural colour, it is entirely possible that they see a microblading professional to get (and keep) their eyebrows in tip top shape. The process results in a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is applied without the use of a machine. The pigments used in our treatments are completely safe, plant-based materials that will last anywhere from 18 months to two years.

A certified, Mila Madden trained artist will use the handtool method to apply the pigments to the skin using tiny strokes that mimic real hair. This safe and effective application will guarantee a beautifully blended brow that does not need to be applied every morning and will stay firmly in place no matter the weather.

Learn How to Microblade

Eyebrow styles are closely linked to the fashion industry, they change about as often as clothing trends. Our semi-permanent process is less of a commitment than traditional cosmetic tattooing, making it more attractive to people the world over. You can see why eyebrow microblading is an incredibly fast-growing and lucrative area for highly trained professionals. When you learn how to microblade you will be opening a door to a future where you are your own boss.

Mila Madden offers a variety of microblading courses, from foundational to masterclasses, we are dedicated to help our students reach the top of their game! Our foundations of microblading course is an intensive three-day hands on experience taught by passionate educators with a proven history of eyebrow excellence.

Our students will start off their time by delving right into the basics, learning everything from guidelines and consent forms to symmetry to health board approved sanitation techniques. Everything our students need to know to learn to microblade happens in the first two days so that you are confident enough to practice on your first live model. Our courses are designed to give our students not just the techniques to practice their craft, but the confidence they need to attract clients.

The Brow Squad

The Mila Madden team are experienced boss babes who saw the opportunity to put their knowledge and experience to work helping other women build a business and live their dreams. We are separated from our competitors by over 25 years of eyebrow microblading industry experience. Our educators have trained and worked around the world, from Dubai to Australia and Canada to the United States, our varied experience helped to create one of the most unique and valuable curriculums available.

Join our crew of brow enthusiasts today – get Mila Madden certified.

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