Microblading School

Microblading School: What You can Expect From our Classes

If you have been working in the beauty industry as a make-up artist, a stylist, or a lash technician, you have no doubt heard about eyebrow microblading. It is one of the most in-demand treatments worldwide. This surge in popularity is making it an incredible opportunity for microblading artists. If you haven’t become certified yet, that is what our Microblading school is for!

Microblading is a leading edge technique that saves women time in the morning and provides a nice confidence boost. Women the world over are gravitating towards this as a way of semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. Eyebrow embroidery is a form of tattooing that requires specialized tools and a specific skill set that requires intensive training to become an artist, which is where our boutique microblading academy comes in! People often ask us what they can expect from our classes, so we thought we would lay it all out for you.

Our Students

We offer a variety of eyebrow embroidery courses for our students, our most popular is the foundations eyebrow microblading class. This course is open to people with any skill level or background. Our students are often current practitioners in the beauty industry, make-up artists, hair stylists, and lash technicians.

The other half of our students tend to be people who have been waiting for their opportunity to make a career change and get into the style world. This mix of demographics means that the atmosphere in our classes is a mix of studying hard, lots of laughs, and peer mentorship. Our students form strong bonds with their fellow classmates and their educators.

Our Educators

Our incredible instructors were hand-picked by our founders who were looking for a special mix of education, experience, and attitude. Our educators have all trained extensively in hot spots world-wide, from Dubai to Australia and Nashville, our instructors have developed their craft and learned from the best.

The foundations course is an intensive 3-day class and during the first day, we delve deep into learning theories and best practices behind this art. Our educators were chosen because they are engaging and supportive teachers, making intense learning a fun and rewarding experience for everyone in our microblading school.

The Kit

We have lovingly built our training kits, bursting with top quality industry products hand picked by our founders. We want our students to get their start in the industry by learning with the best supplies the industry has to offer. We are especially proud to be able to offer natural pigments from Ly, some of the top microbladers the United States. Our training kit will provide our students with enough pigments products to complete their first appointment on a live model, under our instructor's guidance with enough left over to give our students a leg up in their microblading careers.

Post-Course Support

While we don’t have an official program in place to provide ongoing support to our students once they are certified, we are always available to answer any questions that may pop up in the early phases on your new career. Our instructors are just an email or direct message away and are happy to answer your questions as soon as they pop up.

Thinking of adding microblading to your service offerings? There has never been a better time! Join our Microblading School to start your career on the right path.