Microblading School

Microblading School: What You can Expect From our Classes

If you have been working in the beauty industry as a make-up artist, a stylist, or a lash technician, you have no doubt heard about eyebrow microblading. It is one of the most in-demand treatments worldwide. This surge in popularity is making it an incredible opportunity for microblading artists. If you haven’t become certified yet, that is what our Microblading school is for!

Microblading is a leading edge technique that saves women time in the morning and provides a nice confidence boost. Women the world over are gravitating towards this as a way of semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. Eyebrow embroidery is a form of tattooing that requires specialized tools and a specific skill set that requires intensive training to become an artist, which is where our boutique microblading academy comes in! People often ask us what they can expect from our classes, so we thought we would lay it all out for you.

Our Students

We offer a variety of eyebrow embroidery courses for our students, our most popular is the foundations eyebrow microblading class. This course is open to people with any skill level or background. Our students are often current practitioners in the beauty industry, make-up artists, hair stylists, and lash technicians.

The other half of our students tend to be people who have been waiting for their opportunity to make a career change and get into the style world. This mix of demographics means that the atmosphere in our classes is a mix of studying hard, lots of laughs, and peer mentorship. Our students form strong bonds with their fellow classmates and their educators.

Our Educators

Our incredible instructors were hand-picked by our founders who were looking for a special mix of education, experience, and attitude. Our educators have all trained extensively in hot spots world-wide, from Dubai to Australia and Nashville, our instructors have developed their craft and learned from the best.

The foundations course is an intensive 3-day class and during the first day, we delve deep into learning theories and best practices behind this art. Our educators were chosen because they are engaging and supportive teachers, making intense learning a fun and rewarding experience for everyone in our microblading school.

The Kit

We have lovingly built our training kits, bursting with top quality industry products hand picked by our founders. We want our students to get their start in the industry by learning with the best supplies the industry has to offer. We are especially proud to be able to offer natural pigments from Ly, some of the top microbladers the United States. Our training kit will provide our students with enough pigments products to complete their first appointment on a live model, under our instructor's guidance with enough left over to give our students a leg up in their microblading careers.

Post-Course Support

While we don’t have an official program in place to provide ongoing support to our students once they are certified, we are always available to answer any questions that may pop up in the early phases on your new career. Our instructors are just an email or direct message away and are happy to answer your questions as soon as they pop up.

Thinking of adding microblading to your service offerings? There has never been a better time! Join our Microblading School to start your career on the right path.

Private Training for Microblading

Private Salon Training for Microblading

It’s almost a new year and you know what that means! It’s time to add some new life into your world. What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to add build your skills? Build your client base? Offer new services at your salon or spa? Make more money? Don’t let 2018 pass you by without following through on your new year’s resolutions! Let the experienced instructors at Mila Madden teach you and your entire team this lucrative artform, with our private salon training for microblading!

We are often contacted by salon or spa owners who want to expand their business by offering high-quality microblading services. We know that salon owners, make-up artists, lash technicians, and stylists are incredibly busy. Finding the time to get away from the salon for three days of classes is not always realistic. Thankfully, as a touring academy we can bring our courses to you! Aside from the convenience of training your staff together as a whole, there are tons of other benefits to our private salon training.


With private salon training, you don’t have to travel to another city, state, or even the other side of town. As a boutique microblading school, we are compact and strategic about our training methods! We are able to bring our educators, course material, training kits, and practice skins to you. Your team can relax and learn in the environment they are most comfortable in, which will help everyone absorb the course materials.

There is also the added benefit of learning to microblade and completing your first appointments in the space where you work, which will serve to increase confidence in your new skills and make the transition easy from learning to microblade, to completing appointments in the salon or spa.


There is nothing like collectively learning a skill to really bring a team together. During our foundations eyebrow microblading courses, our students develop meaningful friendships with the other artists in the room. Just imagine how much further team building can go when the group already knows each other!

During our private training sessions, our students lean on each other and really empower one another to dig deep, learn well, and advance their skills. Private training for microblading means that our courses tend to be more intimate than our public classes, our students get more one-on-one time with our instructors to get more hands-on practice and skill development.

Training for Microblading


While our private training does tend to be focused on the same course materials as our incredibly popular, Foundations Eyebrow Microblading course, we can customize it to suit the needs of individual salons or spas. Get the expert training that you want to see your staff getting to best serve your clients. For instance, if you wanted to add pigment removal courses to your private training? We can do that too!


It’s not all hard work and perseverance… our courses are already designed to be fun and engaging. When you train with a group of friends, family, or co-workers you get to have even more laughs, make more memories, and form even stronger bonds!

Our classes are second to none and with private training for microblading you are almost guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime and make a significant return on your investment. Don’t let 2018 pass you by without building your team and offering this in-demand service to your clients!

Get in touch with us via email at info@milamadden.com, use the subject line Private Training and our Training Director will get back to you with everything you need to know to get your salon started on the microblading path.

Training for Microblading

Training for Microblading: Three Reasons to use High Quality Products

You may not realize it, but eyebrows are one of the first things people notice when they see someone for the first time. More than any other facial feature, a set of lush, full brows can make a person look fresh, young, and put together – that’s why women spend so much time creating the perfect arch in the morning. Microblading helps women achieve this striking look without wasting so much time in the morning, which has made this eyebrow art and training for microblading one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty industry.

During our foundations eyebrow microblading courses, the first thing our experienced educators do is train our amazing students on the essentials – the tools and products that are going to help them create the best brows where ever they practice the eyebrow art. Our microblading school is founded on giving our students a quality education and that begins with top of the line industry supplies.


Microblading is not your average beauty routine, it is a semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement. Your clients are going to be paying you handsomely to deliver a set of beautiful, full, natural-looking brows that will last anywhere from 18 to 24 months. Your clients are going to choose you because of your previous training for microblading, your current portfolio of work, and word of mouth from other happy clients.

Training for Microblading

Seventy per cent of the end product is going to be because of skills learned from quality training at a reputable microblading school, the other thirty per cent is going to come from the kinds of products you use. There is plenty of room for error with eyebrow microblading, when you work with high-quality industry-approved products from a trusted supplier that margin of error will go down, you can rest easy knowing that you have the strength of your tools behind you.


When you know the source of your supplies, you can assure your clients that their eyebrows are being created with the highest quality pigments and tools. You may not want to guarantee your work and you could open yourself up to a lot of liability issues if you knowingly work with inferior products. At any Mila Madden training for microblading classes, we supply our classes with training kits full of the best products that have a long history of success and were created by industry professionals.


You don’t want to be cutting corners at all when you are creating beautiful brows for your clients. When it comes to microblading supplies the old saying is true, you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t want someone using inferior products on you or your loved ones, so why would you use them on your clients? If the higher cost of quality supplies is making you think twice, don’t worry about it. Factor the cost increase into your fee! If current or potential clients question the increased price, explain that you are using the best tools on the market, you would be surprised at how favourably your customers will respond.

Overall, your clients are trusting you with their hard earned money and their eyebrows. As long as you are able to trust in your training for microblading, trust in your products, and trust in yourself, you will always be able to create the best eyebrows!

Microblading Training

Why Should You Learn to Microblade With Mila Madden?

Eyebrow microblading is the beauty trend taking the world by storm. It is not a new technique, as it has been incredibly popular throughout Asia and Middle Eastern countries for decades, it has only recently started becoming more and more popular in North America over the past few years. The popularity of this technique has also seen an increase in people looking at training for microblading to learn to create perfect eyebrows.

This is an art form that has captured the fascination of women from all walks of life. Celebrities, fashionistas, and time conscious people have been flocking to eyebrow microblading because it is not a permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. With this eyebrow art form you can wake up with perfectly coiffed brows without putting in the time and energy every day; as the semi-permanent technique only lasts 18 months to two years, you don’t have to commit to one eyebrow shape for the rest of your life.
Training for Microblading

Turn Your Passion into Your Career

The beauty industry is full of passionate people who are making a living doing what they love. When you learn to microblade, you can take your passion for the perfect arch and turn it into a financially profitable and personally rewarding career. The microblading technique has such incredible benefits that there are more people than ever looking for a professional to create the perfect arches for their face shape. By becoming a certified microblading artist you will quickly attract a solid client base.

Hands-on Training

By completing our foundations eyebrow microblading course or our more advanced masterclass, you are taught by professional artists and educators with a high-quality education and decades of experience behind them. Our instructors were chosen for their ability to make the course material come to life. You won’t just learn the theories behind the art form, our educators will guide you through the techniques on synthetic skin.
On the final day of the foundations and masterclass, our students perform their own appointment on a live model from start to finish. By completing an appointment in class, the instructors are there to guide the process while also giving our students the confidence they need to succeed in the industry.

The Kit

When you enroll in Mila Madden training for microblading you will receive a training kit that includes everything you need to successfully complete the program, with enough high-quality industry products to get your eyebrow career started off on the right foot. Our foundations training kit includes everything from the golden ratio calipers to the hand tool, disposable blades, pigments and other goodies, making the kit worth over $500. Our masterclass training kit features the cosmetic tattoo gun, permanent makeup needles, correction modifier pigments, and much more – the masterclass kit is valued at over $1000.

Live Your Passion

The old saying goes, love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life. Translate your passion for perfect eyebrows into a fulfilling career with our training for microblading! Check out our class page to find out when we will be in city near you!

Learn How to Microblade

Eyebrow Microblading FAQ

The beauty industry has trends that come and go. While eyebrow microblading seems like it could be one of those flash in the pan trends, the storied history and undeniable ‘I just woke up like this’ results behind the cosmetic technique would say otherwise.

As a trusted, touring microblading academy we are often asked questions about this semi-permanent tattoo technique. We decided to answer all of the most commonly asked questions that your curious mind could come up with.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Beautifully full, perfectly arched, on-trend eyebrows that are natural? They’re pretty much a unicorn, you just don’t come by them honestly. That being said, the microblading technique is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing that gives the appearance of effortless, healthy, and natural looking brows. Using a hand-tool and the hairstroke method, eyebrow microblading uses pigments in the skin to replicate the look of natural hairs, giving your brows a full and on-trend appearance.

Where Did Microblading Come From?

While it is hotly contested whether eyebrow microblading originated in Northern China or Japan, there is strong evidence that points to the technique being formulated in Asia. At very least, Asia is where microblading first rose to prominence as a viable and in-demand practice around twenty-five years ago. Shortly after the technique took over Asia, it swept Middle Eastern countries, followed by Europe and more recently becoming big in North America, where it is becoming one of the most in demand beauty practices.

How Long Does it Take/How Long Will it Last?

We often get a variation of this question. Your first appointment will be approximately two hours or a little longer. The timeline can go a little longer depending on how long it takes to approve the eyebrow shape. Eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent, it will last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your skin type and if you go for your touch-up appointments.

Do I have to be an Esthetician to Learn How to Microblade?

Absolutely not! A lot of our students are already involved in the cosmetic/beauty/tattooing industries because learning how to microblade is a natural fit. However, our foundations of eyebrow microblading course was created for people with little to no knowledge or skill when it comes to this technique.

What is the Potential Revenue as a Microblade Artist?

Exciting, gratifying, fulfilling… careers in the beauty industry have been described as many things, but rewarding is the best descriptor. Not only is it rewarding on a personal level, but this fast growing industry definitely has the potential to be lucrative. On average, after an artist learns how to microblade and gets some decent experience under their belt, the standard rate for this eyebrow technique is from $400-$550 per session. If you only do 3 sessions a week you are making $60,000 and above on a yearly basis.

Our passion is empowering others and our obsession is beauty. By training other strong and independent women in the art of the eyebrow microblading, we are able to exercise both our passion and our obsession at once. Stop dreaming and start living your dream! Check out our microblading courses and sign up for a class near you today.

Microblading Course

Microblading Courses

It is rare that you find someone with naturally perfect eyebrows. Women spend countless hours at the mirror, practicing and filling in their brows to create that perfect arch. They miss out on sleep and happily spend their hard earned money on products that will make the job easier or look even a tiny bit better.

It is no surprise that eyebrow microblading is a booming part of the beauty industry with demand growing every day. Since this method burst onto the North American scene, people have been flocking to this semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. Become an eyebrow artist by taking our foundations of microblading courses and get your foot in the door of this exciting field.

Live the Dream

People dream about becoming their own boss all the time, making your own hours, scheduling your own vacations and wearing whatever you want. Take the first step and learn how to microblade from one of our certified educators. Become a boss babe and create the most beautiful brows the world has ever seen.

Our Microblading Courses

The team behind Mila Madden has over 25 years of experience in the industry, having trained and worked around the world – from Australia and Dubai to Canada and the United States. Our unique foundations of microblading course curriculum is an intensive three day program that was designed to give participants the tools they need to launch their career in this in-demand industry.

Over the three days of training participants in our foundations of microblading course will learn the incredibly important groundwork to get started in a new career. In the first day, participants can expect to discover all they need to know about safe sterilization practices, necessary documentation and the important theories behind the eyebrow microblading process.

We don’t let up on day two, where our students are expected to put theories into action. You will learn about the pigments and how they work, how to hold the tool, various techniques, patient comfort and get hands-on practice with synthetic skins.

The third and final day is reserved for microblading on live models, building your confidence in your craft and gaining real world experience.
Once Mila Madden graduates get multiple successful clients completed and they want to enhance their skills, we have masterclasses available to continue your eyebrow education.

The Kit

All of the participants in our microblading courses will receive a kit at the start with everything they need to get started in this exciting industry. Each of the products chosen for these start-up packages are sourced by the expert Mila Madden team who searched worldwide for these quality and student friendly items. These training kits will help ensure that each of our participants can start their career off on the right foot with the best industry preferred products.


At Mila Madden, our passion is empowering others, but our obsession is beauty. We are always happy to welcome our students into the world of professional microblading artists. We are highly qualified boss babes that are always looking to help other powerful women unlock their potential and beautify the world, one gorgeous set of eyebrows at a time.

Learn How to Microblade

Learn How to Microblade

When you wake up in the morning do you hit snooze five times before you have to drag yourself out of bed to get to a job you don’t care about? Ever imagine a future where you make your own hours and more importantly, love what you do?

When you learn how to microblade you are opening yourself up to a world where you are living your passion and loving your life. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in the fun and exciting cosmetic industry, becoming an eyebrow microblading artist could be your calling.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

When you see someone with perfectly filled brows that are a smooth and even tone that matches their natural colour, it is entirely possible that they see a microblading professional to get (and keep) their eyebrows in tip top shape. The process results in a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is applied without the use of a machine. The pigments used in our treatments are completely safe, plant-based materials that will last anywhere from 18 months to two years.

A certified, Mila Madden trained artist will use the handtool method to apply the pigments to the skin using tiny strokes that mimic real hair. This safe and effective application will guarantee a beautifully blended brow that does not need to be applied every morning and will stay firmly in place no matter the weather.

Learn How to Microblade

Eyebrow styles are closely linked to the fashion industry, they change about as often as clothing trends. Our semi-permanent process is less of a commitment than traditional cosmetic tattooing, making it more attractive to people the world over. You can see why eyebrow microblading is an incredibly fast-growing and lucrative area for highly trained professionals. When you learn how to microblade you will be opening a door to a future where you are your own boss.

Mila Madden offers a variety of microblading courses, from foundational to masterclasses, we are dedicated to help our students reach the top of their game! Our foundations of microblading course is an intensive three-day hands on experience taught by passionate educators with a proven history of eyebrow excellence.

Our students will start off their time by delving right into the basics, learning everything from guidelines and consent forms to symmetry to health board approved sanitation techniques. Everything our students need to know to learn to microblade happens in the first two days so that you are confident enough to practice on your first live model. Our courses are designed to give our students not just the techniques to practice their craft, but the confidence they need to attract clients.

The Brow Squad

The Mila Madden team are experienced boss babes who saw the opportunity to put their knowledge and experience to work helping other women build a business and live their dreams. We are separated from our competitors by over 25 years of eyebrow microblading industry experience. Our educators have trained and worked around the world, from Dubai to Australia and Canada to the United States, our varied experience helped to create one of the most unique and valuable curriculums available.

Join our crew of brow enthusiasts today – get Mila Madden certified.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, that would make the eyebrows the window frame. You don’t want a bad, poorly framed window any more than you want unruly or poorly filled eyebrows. When you look at someone, your eyes are normally immediately drawn to the top of their face, if you are the kind of person who is dissecting each brush stroke, each arch, and each errant or missing hair, blazing your own path as a trained eyebrow microblading could be your calling.

Learn How to Microblade

If you have ever considered becoming a master in the eyebrow arts, our comprehensive classes will help you to break into this high-demand market. We have a variety of microblading courses to train you to become a certified eyebrow microblading artist, from foundations to masterclasses, our programs are thoughtfully designed to prepare you and give you the confidence to live your dream of becoming your own boss.
Our three-day intensive foundations of microblading course is taught by a certified and experienced educator who intimately understands the beauty industry and is passionate about helping women succeed at cosmetic tattooing. Over a three-day period your instructor will immerse you in the eyebrow microblading world – teaching you everything from theory, symmetry, and correct blade positions to pigmentation. On the final day, participants will complete an entire session on live models.

Each participant will receive a Mila Madden kit valued at over five hundred dollars. Every item inside of the kit are top quality industry products and pigments, to help ensure that all of our class participants learn with the best items the microblading industry has to offer.

Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is the process of using semi-permanent tattooing to cloak or cover up missing hairs on the brow line with minute pigmented hand strokes that mimic eyebrow hair. The process should only be handled by a fully trained microblading artist, who will begin by using a topical anaesthetic, or a numbing cream, in the area to make your time in the chair nearly pain-free. A Mila Madden trained artist will use the hand method tool to recreate your natural hair pattern and tone using multiple tiny hand strokes.

An eyebrow microblading session is done with completely sterile single use “blades” that are significantly smaller than the needles used in traditional permanent tattoo practices. Depending on the experience of the artist, your first appointment will happen over the course of 60-90 minutes where you and your technician will work on the style and shape of your brows until you achieve the look that you want before the actual eyebrow microblading process will happen.

As it is a semi-permanent process, your perfectly arched eyebrows will last anywhere from 18 months to two years, although a second appointment to touch up your brows is recommended after they have completely healed. The touch up should happen around the four-week mark and should only take thirty minutes.

Boss Babes Unite

Becoming an eyebrow microblading specialist will allow you the freedom to be your own boss, make your own hours and choose your own schedule. You can realize your full potential, rule your world and be a boss babe all at once. Get in touch to get started on the boss babe train!

Microblading Near Me

Eyebrows frame your face, they accent your eyes, and they can really make you stand out in a crowd. 
To achieve perfect brows, women the world over wake up early and spend extra time in front of a mirror, using a pencil to fill in their gaps and create those perfect arches. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can have perfect eyebrows without having to spend so much time and energy every morning with eyebrow microblading near me.

If you are the kind of person who loves to spend time on your brows, finding the best pencils, the highest quality pigments, and perfecting your filling - becoming a microblading artist could very well be your calling. When you learn to microblade you are not just turning your passion for brows into a fulfilling career, you are taking control of your life and your future. Let the fully certified, expert educators at Mila Madden give you the skills you need to not just learn about microblading, but help you succeed in the industry.

Microblading Near Me

Like superheroes of the beauty industry, we go where we are needed. As a touring beauty academy, we will teach you to become master artists in the cosmetic beauty industry. You can stop furiously googling ‘microblading near me’ because it is entirely likely that we will be coming to your area to help you become a boss babe. We travel across North America (and will soon be coming to Australia) with our unique custom advanced microblading courses, so if you are feeling like you are stuck in a desert of poorly defined brows and feel the need to set the world right, come find us in a city near you.

Learn How to Microblade

When you learn to microblade you are setting yourself up for success – your future self will thank you when you are living the dream and beautifying the world around you. Our foundations eyebrow microblade course is an immersive three day program intended to get you not just trained on the intricacies and health aspects of semi-permanent, but also confident in your skills.

Our unique curriculum is unmatched by our competitors. The program is based on our over 25 years of industry experience and insider knowledge. Our educators are internationally trained, from Dubai to Australia, we have incorporated the best knowledge from around the world into our microblading courses.

We teach the intricate hair stroke tattoo method, a technique as innovative as it is precise. Once you become a master at wielding our handmethod tool and multiple hair strokes your clients are going to be your best advertisement. Every participant in our microblading courses will receive a training kit full of our top of the line beauty industry pigments and products that were painstakingly chosen by our founders.

Mila Madden educators could be coming to your city anytime. Check our schedule to see if we will be in your area, you never know when microblading near me is going to be a possibility. When you pursue your passion and do what you love, you will never work another day in your life.