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Mila Madden is the #1 choice for spa and in spa training. With over 25 years of industry experience, Mila Madden educators are classically trained internationally and have won numerous awards.

Congratulations on taking the step to enhance your education and learn a new career in the beauty industry! At Mila Madden our passion is empowering women! Our Obsession is Beauty.

Foundations Eyebrow Microblading

Mila Madden offers extensive training to learn the latest technology for eyebrows. The Eyebrow Microblading technique is a hair stroke tattoo method that is semi-permanent, lasting from 18 months to 2 years. This innovative technique is one you don’t want to miss out on, using a handmethod tool and multiple hair strokes , the end result is beautiful, gorgeous shaped eyebrows. Imagine waking up with perfectly groomed eyebrows every morning. This industry is waiting for you to join us and become the best eyebrow microblading artist. This amazing industry allows you to earn over a six figure income doing something you love! Microblading Artists charge anywhere from $500.00 to $900.00 per client! You will create beauty for so many women and enjoy a rewarding career for many years to come!

Minimum Profit Earnings

$500.00 | Per Client – 5 Clients per Week

Monthly Income $10,000 | Yearly Income $120,000

Advanced Nano Eyebrow & Corrections Masterclass

This 3 day course is only for the certified and experienced microblader (we highly recommend at least 1 year of microblading before enrolling in this course). During your three days we solely focus on using the cosmetic permanent makeup machine, teaching you several different techniques to enhance your brow game. You will learn how to master Nano Needle eyebrow microblading technique, done only with the machine, which has become the latest technique for eyebrows to provide cleaner, crisper lines and strokes that heal faster and last longer !!! We begin our curriculum by refreshing our sterilization procedures, then we move into learning about your new cosmetic tattoo machine (included in your kit !) , microblading using the nano needle & slope needle technique, shading and ombre, correcting improper eyebrow shapes, uneven eyebrows, machine corrections, and full color correction theory. We also teach you the latest trends including eyelash enhancement, freckles and beauty marks. This course has it all to take your microblading to the next level !!

Minimum Profit Earnings

$700.00 | Per Client – 3 Clients per Week

Monthly Income $8,500 | Yearly Income $100,000+

** Corrections are always based on a per client basis, the key would be to add this to your microblading business and the combined income will be over the top!! **

Private Training

Our private training courses are renowned at Salons, Brow lounges, Lash Boutiques, Spas and Beauty Schools across North America. We specialize in private trainings that are exclusive for only your business or school!! Private training is our niche as our Educators have the credentials, experience and professionalism that is necessary for your private training to be successful.

Luv Lash Lift Course

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Tattoo/Pigment Removal Course

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