Foundations Eyebrow Microblading Course

3 Day Course - $2,800 + applicable taxes (includes Mila Madden Kit valued at over $500)

At Mila Madden you will be trained by certified, very experienced industry microblading professionals. During our three day course you will learn everything you need to know to be confident and successful at creating beautiful eyebrows. At Mila Madden our extensive theory covers everything from basic skin tones to eye shapes, in-depth color theory and measuring, pigments, microblading technique, ombre eyebrow technique, hair strokes and everything in between. You will learn how to master the artistry of eyebrow microblading and to become renowned in this industry.

The Kit

valued at over $500

As Mila is a princess, we all know that princesses deserve the best so we make sure that our students get the top industry products in their training kits. Our training kits are each handmade with love to ensure each and every kit has the best industry products and pigments, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

7 – USA Manufactured Pigments
100 – Disposable Microblading Blades
2 – Microblading Re-usable Tools
2 – Disposable Harmony Microblading Tool
1 – Stainless Steel Golden Ratio Caliper
1 – Measuring Caliper
1 – U Ruler

25 – Disposable U Rulers
1 pack of Brow shavers
1 pair of Tweezers
1 pair of eyebrow scissors
1 roll of eyebrow thread
1 sharpener
2 eyeliner pens
2 surgical marker pens
1 – 30g Tube of Zensa Numbing Cream
1 – 100pk of Microswabs

Please note that all necessary sanitary items will be provided for you for your use during the course.

The Curriculum

3 Day Course


Kit Overview
Morning Theory; what is microblading, microblading vs traditional cosmetic tattoo
Who is a candidate, contraindications, pre treatment guidelines
Client consultation/expectations, consent forms, documentation
Face shapes and symmetry
Brow consult, design
Measurement guide with String and Caliper
Practice measurement’s and brow design


Q&A / Review of Day 1
Ombre Technique
Camouflaging/pigment correction
Strokes workshop; tool holding, correct blade position and skin support
Practice on skins
Microblading tray and room setup
Patient Comfort
Review of post care instructions
Setup for live models


Microblading on live models

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